The Genetics Society of Israel

Our Goal

The mission of the Genetics Society of Israel is to promote genetics research and educate about recent developments in genetics. The society provides a forum for communication among scientists who are involved in genetics research in model organisms, in medicine, in agriculture and education. The Society offers membership to scientists interested in the field of genetics.
The main activity of the Society has been, since its foundation in 1950’s, to sponsor an annual meeting where recent advances in genetics are presented by scientists from Israel and abroad, via lectures and posters. The Society members assembly and elections are held during the annual meeting. With the penetration of genetics into all fields of society, such as health (diagnostics and therapy), agriculture (transgenic food), industry (biotechnology) and ethics (cloning), it becomes essential to educate laymen and policymakers in genetics. One of the goals of the Society for the coming years is to rise to this challenge.

The activities of the Society are conducted by the elected
board of directors:

President  Prof. Dan Mishmar, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.

Vice president & treasurer  Prof. Anat Ben-Zvi, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.

Board member  Prof. Liran Carmel, Hebrew University of Jerusalem. 

Board member Prof. Tzipora Falik-Zaccai, Western Galilee Hospital Naharia.

Board member Prof. Schragi Shwartz, Weizmann Institute of Science.

Board member Prof. Judith Berman, Tel Aviv University.

Comptroller Prof. Karen Avraham, Tel Aviv University.

Comptroller Prof. Eran Meshorer, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.​